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Inlay Tools and Supplies

Attention inlay craftsmen and hobbyists!! Do you want to learn to repair missing or damaged inlays? Do you need to create inlays for your business or hobby? Swank's is the source for tools and supplies for inlay craftsmen and hobbyists. Swank's has end mills, saw frames and diamond blades, cutting lubricant, instructions, gravers, graver handles, engraving shading filler, carbide scribes and more.

Pictured here are saw blades, scribes, diamond files, gravers and graver handles.
misc tools image

Pearl Inlay Instruction Manual

Item number #159, price $12.75.
instruction manual image
For the novice inlay craftsman, Swank's has the book Pearl Inlay by J. E. Patterson. This is an 81-page soft-cover illustrated reference book about working with pearl, and covers cutting, inlaying, engraving, and using tools and jigs.

Bur Life

Item number #158, price $3.60.
Bur Life image
Bur Life is cutting lubricant. Apply it to saw blades for less friction and more control. Blades stay sharper and last longer. Bur Life works for most any grinding or drilling tool.

End Mills

All end mills have a 1/8 inch shank. Swank's suggests using the 1/32 inch end mill for outline work, and using the 3/32 inch end mill to hog out the large areas, saving time and wear on the 1/32 inch end mill. The 1/32 inch end mills are 3-flute and much stronger than conventional 2 or 4 flute end mills. We have found the 3-flute end mills in this diameter have less breakage.
The 3/32 and 1/8 inch end mills are great for routing saddle slots. 1/16 inch end mills are good to hog out smaller areas.
Look at a typical end mill drawing
End mills sold by Swank's Shell Inlay are carbide all made in USA.
End Mills
Swank's Item # Size Description Price
#150 1/32 3 flute carbide double end $15.00
Order 3 or more, $14.00 ea.
#151 1/16 2 flute carbide single end $9.75
Order 3 or more, $8.75 ea.
#152 3/32 2 flute carbide single end $9.75
Order 3 or more, $8.75 ea.
#153 1/8 2 flute carbide single end $9.75
Order 3 or more, $8.75 ea.
#160 .020 2 flute carbide single end $15.00
Order 3 or more, $14.00 ea.

Saw Frames and Blades

The saw frame is adjustable for varying blade lengths with a 2 1/4 inch throat depth and hardwood handle.
The saw frames and saw blades are made in Germany.
We have been cutting inlay for over 20 years and have tried many different saw blades. We have used these blades exclusively for the last 15 years and found them to be the longest lasting and sharpest blades we've ever used. Use these blades once, and judge the quality for yourself.

Item Swank's Item # Grade Cut Price
saw frame image #154 saw frame --- $14.60
--- #155 2/0 coarse $3.25 / dz.
Order 3 dz. or more, $3.00 / dz.
--- #156 3/0 medium $3.25 / dz.
Order 3 dz. or more, $3.00 / dz.
--- #157 4/0 fine $3.25 / dz.
Order 3 dz. or more, $3.00 / dz.

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