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Repair and Restoration of Furniture, Writing Instruments, and other Antiques

Swank's can restore and repair missing and damaged shell and other inlay work on fine furniture and antiques including, pearl-clad opera glasses, pearl-clad foutain pens and pencils, pocket knives, and other valuables. We can also provide inlay for pool or billard tables and pool cues. Our extensive stock of shell blanks allow us to match a wide range of original inlay work.
Click on the image below to see more detail of the inlay work in this work-in-process.

opera glass image

Swank's stocks and can install a variety of inlay materials including shell, bone, ivory, gold, and silver. If you prefer to do the repair yourself, Swank's can reproduce the inlay, or provide the inlay material from which you can cut parts to repair damaged inlay.
Swanks can also provide engraved inlays, restoration inlays, and muti-part inlays to repair older or damaged pieces or enhance new creations.

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