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Swank's Shell Inlay, Inc. welcomes YOU !

Welcome to Swank's Shell Inlay, Inc. where Swank's creates OEM-quality parts and engravings. Swank's artists and craftsmen can restore the beauty and value to worn or damaged antiques and musical instruments. We create inlay parts and designs from Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Sea Snail, and other shells for custom or restoration inlay work. We stock tools and shell blanks for inlay craftsmen and hobbyist, and we can do complete custom inlay work and restoration.

As you look through the site, double click on any of the graphics to see more detail of the natural materials and the inlay work.

Products and Services

Swank's Shell Inlay creates and stocks a range of Ready-To-Go inlays in a variety of natural mediums including abalone, mother of pearl, bone, various woods, gold, silver, and recon stone (e.g. turquoise). See the shell blank section for a listing of available shell blank inlay materials. At Swank's we do our best to provide the highest quality inlay products and services. Swank's can deliver standard or custom parts for you to inlay, or we can cut and inlay the complete project or repair for you.
Swank's Shell Inlay sells tools and supplies for the craftsman and hobbyist.
Get our Swank's Shell Inlay Catalog or e-mail us with your custom requirements for a quote and estimated delivery time.
Swank's Shell Inlay has daily UPS pick up with overnight shipments available to most US locations so we can have your order to you quickly.

Creation of the Inlays

Our skilled craftsmen and artists can create the artistic addition to your vintage musical instrument, furniture or billiard table project, and inlay that standard or custom artwork in your piece when shipped to us, or we can ship the inlay to you. You can provide a graphic in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF or other common bitmap or scanned image of the art work you would like, and we will provide an estimated cost and delivery time. You can also provide a written idea of the image you want and where you want it inlaid, e.g., "Could I get a butterfly cut from red abalone and inlaid on the 12th fret of my guitar?". We can offer suggestions of similar artwork from our extensive collection of restoration and custom inlay art, or create a new image for your approval from ideas or drawings you provide. Custom work requires a 50% deposit when the order is placed.

About Our Catalog

heron inlay image Our abalone and pearl patterns are copied from original instruments and are hand-cut, ready to inlay. We offer a complete line of custom services, from cutting your custom patterns and custom trim, squares, diamonds, custom trim and other shapes to inlaying them into your instruments, blank fingerboards, pegheads, pick guards, veneers, boxes or furniture. Please e-mail us for an estimate. We stock a full line of pearl and abalone blanks and strips, stars, squares, diamonds (with or without slots), dots, and simple and intricate design decorative strips.
We also carry engraved mother of pearl inlays, and everything you'll need in pearl or abalone inlay. Custom engraving, and replacement or new designs are available from Swank's.
We have inlay supplies, saw frames, blades, end mills, and replacement and custom patterns for the craftsman and inlay hobbyist.

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